Connection vs. Worth

Yet again, I was reading an article that interested me.

Funny, it actually wasn’t even just the article that I wanted to write about; it was one of the comments.

The article had this quote: “Seeking affirmation or fulfillment in relationships alone is chasing after fool’s gold.”

If you’ve been reading along with my emails, blogs, and/or following me on social media, you will recognize that statement as Society Based Esteem. That’s what this author is talking about: seeking affirmation or fulfillment in relationships alone, is Society Based Esteem.

Society-based esteem is: I have worth because you say I do; whomever the “you” is.

What grabbed me specifically was that someone in the comments section did not understand the statement. (side note: I’m not the only one who reads the comments, right?!)

Not only does he not understand it, his comment was: My wife was taken from me in a car accident after 44 years together. Without her, I am lost. It is a difficult job to find the “me” that used to be part of the “we.”

This commenter is confused between connection with someone and worth.

That is the big difference.

Connection is healthy. Connection is our optimal state. We do our best when we are connected with others.
Loneliness is now known to be as important to our physical health as diet, exercise, and not smoking.

I encourage connection.

The statement from the original author was referring to our worth coming from someone.

Ladies, feel connected.
Find your connection in the healthy sources you can: friends, family, co-workers, hobbies.

Just know the difference between your connections and your worth.

Me wondering all through college what was wrong with me that the boys didn’t like me; that was worth – not connection.

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